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.12.2016 - "PF 2016" for you...

- Small game hunt in HS Celakovice (CZ) with "Gera"
   54 hares and 2 pheasants


- Small game hunt in Zelezne hory (CZ) with "Camellia" and "Gera"
4 Pheasants


.2016 - Small game hunt in Nymburk (CZ) with "Gera"


23.&26.11.2016 - Duck hunt in Zelezne hory (CZ) with "Gera"
5 ducks


- Small game hunt in Game park Zehusice (CZ) with "Camellia" and "Tecs" and "Gera"


12.11.2016 - Wild boars hunt in Zelezne hory (CZ) with "Gera"
   5 wild boars

.11.2016 - Small game hunt in HS Celakovice (CZ) with "Gera"
   22 ducks and 14 pheasants


- Small game hunt in Zelezne hory (CZ) with "Damiolla" and "Gera"
11 Pheasants


... and tracing the game on Sunday...


- Small game hunt in Game park Zehusice (CZ) with "Camellia" and "Tecs"


1.10.2016 - All-round exam in Hrabesin (CZ) with "Gera"
   I. prize, 463 points, 2nd place :o)


.2016 - Duck hunt in HS Celakovice (CZ) with "Gera"
   31 ducks :o)


27.-28.8.2016 - SIX dog shows in Canada for our Elaide Ticino Davaroni :o)
   "Elaide" -
2x Best puppy in Breed, 1x Winners Bitch, 2. Best puppy in Breed, 2. Best in Sweepstake


27.8.2016 - Our new success with irish setter bitch of our friend
By Sheila Happy Trix" - hunting abilities exam - 218 points, I. prize
                                          - excellent 1, CAC on Specialty Club Setter show in Trnava...


.2016 - Training course of MSKAO (CZ)
I spent wonderful days with the great friends - owners and our puppies - Eccelso Frizzare, Elianto Pavese and Esca Brillare... Thanks a lot!!
New photos in "Photogallery Litter E"


.2016 - Special pointer-setter show of Slovak pointer-setter Club, Slovakia
"Tecs" - excellent 1, CAC, Winner of Special dog Show, Best of Opposite Sex


.2016 - Kilbride kennel club show, Oakville, Canada
"Elaide Ticino" - Senior puppy Winner, Best puppy in breed
- Senior puppy Winner, Best in Sweepstakes
                             - Senior puppy Winner, Best puppy in Group - 1 point!!


- Regional dog show, Zebetin, CZ
"Esca Brillare" - very good 1


- Brandywine English Setter Club Specialty, Pensilvania, USA
"Elaide Ticino" - Senior puppy Winner, Best in Sweepstakes, The Best puppy in Show


- Thanks a lot for so many photos in updated Photogalleries:
"Photogallery Litter E"
   "Photogallery Litter D"
   "Photogallery Tecs"
   "Photogallery Camellia"
   "Photogallery Gera"
   "Together photogallery"


- We have really great summer full of amazing experiences with our dogs...


- Elaide celebrated other great success on show in Canada
"Elaide Ticino" - Senior puppy Winner, Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex


- Great successes on shows in Canada
"Elaide Ticino" - Senior puppy Winner, Reserve Bitch, Best in Sweepstake
   "Edizzio Pellerosa" - his first shows!!
Congratulation and huge thanks!


And a lot of new photogalleries:
   "Photogallery Litter E"
   "Photogallery Sazzi"
   "Photogallery Bert"


- Wonderfull Bussiness Trip into Krkonose during last weekend :o)


.2016 - Wonderfull Spring with our dogs and friends...
New photos in:
   "Photogallery Tecs"
   "Together photogallery"
   and on "index"


.2016 - Memorial of Vaclav Vancura - German shorthair pointers's club hunting abilities exams Celakovice (CZ)
I trained irish red and white setter "Biara Breeze Artegerd" owned by my friend "Renata". Ori did a great job in the field and she won 4th place /23 entered, I. prize, 228 points and fullfiled the conditions for Champion CZ and for breed :o)))


.2016 - International Field Trial MSKAO - Vrbovec (CZ)
Tecs and Ori copeted and run great :o)
The whole weekend we spent with Katka in Brno agai :o))


- New photos in "Photogallery Litter E"

- Wonderful trip to Brno...


2016 - All breed show organized by Guelph & District Kennel Club in Fergus (Canada)
   Elaide Ticino
        Saturday - Reserve bitch
        Sunday - Best puppy in Breed, Winners bitch - Her first point towards championship


2016 - Spring meeting of young hunting dogs in Caslav (CZ)
   Elianto Pavese - all teeth, scissor bite, brown eye, 64 cms


- Wonderful Easter in South Moravia...



- Wonderful holiday in Jizerske hory... Thanks a lot Katka, Ardo and Safir...



- New photos in "Photogallery Litter E"


- All breed championship dog show organized by Scarborough Kennel Club Inc. in Orangeville (Canada)
   Elaide Ticino Davaroni - First in puppy class, Best puppy in breed, Winners, Best of opposite sex


- New photos in "Photogallery Litter E" and "Photogallery Sazzi"


.2.2016 - New photos in "Photogallery Litter E"


.2.2016 - New photos in "Photogallery Litter E"


0.2.2016 - Our "Litter A" and "Litter D" celebrated their Birthday during the end of January and two days ago :o))
The half-birthday will celebrate our "new puppies" "Sazzi" and "Bert" tomorrow :o)
All the best to all of them!


- Great weekend with our girls...


3.2.2016 - New photos of Esca Brillare in "Photogallery Litter E"


1.2016 - Beautiful Saturday with Elianto on field training :o) A lot of new photos in "Photogallery Litter E"...


1.2016 - Wonderful winter time with our girls in Brambory and in Czech Paradise...


.1.2016 - We spent a wonderful time with our puppies Elianto and Esca last weekend... Thanks Ondra's to their care about them :o) You may see a lot of new pictures in "Photogallery Litter E". A few of them were made by Marketa, the co-owner of Esca - thank you!


.1.2016 - Because of the puppies we didn't updated our website during last Autumn which we spent on hunts :o)


Also during whole Christmas holiday we spent a lot of great time with our friends Katka and Ales and with "Camellia", "Tecs" and "Gera"  :o) We also updated the photogalleries of our girls...
   "Photogallery Tecs"
   "Photogallery Camellia"
   "Photogallery Gera"
   "Together photogallery"


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