7.10.2018 - Hunting abilities test OMS Brno venkov (CZ)
   "Esca Brillare" - I. prize, 226 points, Winner of the hunting test :o)

We spent amazing 14 days with Tecs's daughter Esca Brillare by training in the field and preparing Esca for the hunting abilities test. Esca did a great job and became the brood bitch at the same time :o) She is very talented bitch, with pretty searching style, great point and backing, super cooperation with the handler. I'm very proud of her...

You may see more photos in "Photogallery Litter E".


- Amazing trip to Austria with our friend Monika and Amy <3 Thank you guys...


- Autumn test OMS Chrudim (CZ)
   "Elianto Pavese aka Sep" - II. prize, 241 points


- Very wonderful days during last weeks...

We spent a very nice time with our Damiolla



And recieved few photos of Cabritillo <3 Thanks a lot!


Very pretty days with friends and family...



And a lot of photos in Photogalleries:
   "Photogallery Litter C"
 "Photogallery Litter D"
"Photogallery Litter E"
   "Photogallery Tecs"
   "Together photogallery"

- A lot of photos in Photogalleries:
"Photogallery Litter C"
"Photogallery Ciadella"
"Photogallery Litter E"
   "Photogallery Camellia"
   "Photogallery Tecs"
   "Photogallery Sazzi"
   "Photogallery Bert"
   "Together photogallery"


- Wonderful weekend with our friend <3


- Duo CACIB Brno (CZ)
   "Esca" - very good 1


- Small game hunt in Game park Zehusice (CZ) with "Tecs" and "Gera"


- Wonderful weekend with our friend spent by a lot of hunt :o)



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