17.4.2017 - Amazing trip during Eeaster 2017 :o)



- A lot of new photos in Photogalleries:
"Photogallery Litter E"
   "Photogallery Tecs"
   "Photogallery Camellia"
   "Photogallery Gera"
   "Together photogallery"

We spent a wonderful spring day with Eccelso Frizzare - thank the owners of Eccelso very much for great day!


21.1.2017 - The last small game hunt in Game park Zehusice (CZ) with "Tecs", "Camellia" and "Gera" in this hunting season :o)


- Wonderful winter walking with "Camellia" and "Tecs" <3


.2017 - Small game hunt in Game park Zehusice (CZ) with "Tecs" and "Gera"


- We spent a great Christmas time with our dogs :o)

26.12.2016 - Small game hunt in Zelezne hory with "Camellia" and "Gera"


27.-30.12.2016 - Amazing time with "Sazzi" and my family in Blansko... A lot of walking and time with "Camellia" and "Tecs" <3


30.12.2016 - Small game hunt with "Gera"...


The last day of the year 2016 we spent a misty walk with all our girls... Very nice day with them...


The first day of the year 2017 was wonderful weather and we started the year with successful hunt :o) We can't wait every day...



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