News 2019

1.5.2019 - A wonderful Spring in Davaroni Kennel :o)
The Spring meeting of young hunting dogs - the stack training of "Deia"...


Easter Monday with girls outside <3
A lot of photos updated in links:
   "Together Photogallery"
   "Photogallery Deia"


28.3.2019 - A lot of photos updated in links:
   "Photogallery Litter E"
   "Together Photogallery"
   "Photogallery Deia"


- In the end Esca lost her puppies so "Litter F" will follow on her the next season - in the end of 2019...

- The newest addittion in our family - orange "Editions Pointing Davaroni Girl" aka Deia <3


- The gravidity of "Esca" and our planned "Litter F" was confirmed!!! Happy birthday daddy "Dellior"!

- We are planning "Litter F" on Spring 2019 :o)



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