News 2023

News 2022

the end of 2022 :o) - Open our PF 2023

Thank you all members of our Davaroni family!!! Thank you for your care, messages and photos of our setters <3 Can't wait to see you personally in 2023!


Amazing training time for CH Lancelot First In Line FD aka Kent and Mia in Canada also - thank you!!


- the end of our 2022 and the start of 2023 was amazing! Great sunny time in Jizerka hamplet for us...


- this year the last hunt in Celakovice with Deia for us :o)


.12.2022 - the main game's hunt in Kvetnice with Deia :o)


.2022 - a short Christmas trip to our family...


.2022 - small game hunt in Tisnov with Deia :o)


22.-24.12.2022 - nice Christmas time together in Jizera Mountains <3


18.12.2022 - winter time in Brambory :o)


- Small game's hunt in Kvetnice with Deia :o)


10.12.2022 - The main hare's hunt in Celakovice with Deia :o)


.12.2022 - The main small game's hunt in Boleradice with Deia :o)



.11.2022 - Pheasant's hunt in Kvetnice with Deia :o)


19.11.2022 - Combined hunt in Tisnov with Deia :o)


11.-18.11.2022 - Amazing mountain trips in Czech Republic with girls <3



5.11.2022 - Duck's and pheasant's hunt in Celakovice with Deia :o)


- our Editions Pointing Davaroni Girl aka "Deia" became the SLOVAKIAN WORKING CHAMPION !!!  Huge congratulation her!


3.10.2022 - International Field Trial SKPK - Borsky Mikulas (SK)
"Deia" - Exc 1, CACT (category SOLO)

- our Editions Pointing Davaroni Girl aka "Deika" celebrates her fourth birthday today :o) And so she deserves a little summary, because life with her is really a ride...

Deika is everything I ever imagined from my dog. She is a dream come true. She's a partner in life, she's fun for everyone. She enjoys everything I come up with. She's my inspiration. She's my friend. She's amazing, reliable and a tireless hunter. She enjoys hunting and the most rewarding part of it all is when I praise her. She has amazing facial expressions and is happy when I tell her how smart she is. She can laugh. She is friends with everyone - always and everywhere. She doesn't like it when anyone (human or dog) is mean to her and goes around making up until it passes. She's not pushy (when she's not hungry) and she can think of outrageous things. She can tell me what she wants or that maybe she found something interesting and I need to go to her immediately. She can make you laugh and you can't help but love her. She is incredible - within one year she wins the International Field Trial, passes the water trials and is third in the all-around. In between, she casually wins best of breed several times at various shows in several countries and places in the final competitions. He crosses the mountains with me and in a week goes hunting, where he excels. Who would have thought we would ever put together an all round .... with an English Setter. Anyone who knows us knows that we have a set way of training by operant conditioning from puppyhood. So there is no way I can force her to do something she doesn't want to do herself... And sometimes it takes quite a bit of figuring out. She keeps my head and body pretty busy... She's a hyperactive freak. She's perfect... just... "Deika". Thank you...

Deika is turning 4 years old, and in 48 months, she's made it off the job site:
T.A.N - test of congenital characteristics, organized by the Breton Club
KZV MSKAO - Club tests of abilities (CACT) in II. price
ZV - Tests of abilities organized by OMS Praha venkov in I. prize
MJL - Josef Lux's Memorial high in points, organized by Breton Club
PZ - Autumn trials organized by the Hunting Association in the 1st prize in the worst heat of last year
IFT SKPS - this spring she won the International Field Trial SKPS, when she got fantastic 18 points and CACT, CACIT titles.
ZVP - Special water work test in I. prize (OMS Praha venkov)
VSS ŠKS - All-round trials of builders organized by Sport club of pointing dogs in Slovakia, in I. prize, she won her second Slovakian title CACT and 3rd place in...
Last year we took part in the unofficial competition of St. Hubert's Cup, organized by the St. Hubert Club - a great experience and unforgettable for both of us...

Besides all the official and unofficial tests and competitions, we have participated in several hunts different types of duck, pheasant and hare hunts in different parts of the country... From duck pulls, duck hunts on the big pond, blind arms of the Elbe, round hare hunts, combined small game hunts near Tišnov, near Velvary or hunts in smaller pheasant farms. She always copes with what is asked of her. Small game hunting is definitely her biggest passion in life, but she loves to do everything I can think of for us...

Well, that's not all... Aside from her work, she's also collected a bunch of show titles. I'm not going to list all the shows we've participated in, but in total - she became:
Junior Champion CZ
Champion of Beauty CZ
Champion of Slovenia

She got CAC/CACA title and is therefore a champion in waiting:

And she is also a candidate for:

And based to her working titles, she is also a candidate for:
Slovak Working Champion

She also won in the final competitions of various shows:
Junior BIG 3
3. Best Working Dog of Regional Show
Nomination for Cruft's 2023

Equally important is the health aspect, so bottom line:
ED 0/0
BAER normal (bilateral hearing)
Thyroid norm.
Full dentition, scissor bite, 61 cm at withers.

Best of all, but not measurable, is her fantastic character, which I thank every day... She wakes up in the morning and immediately smiles at me and looks forward to what new things we will do today. And the day is so much more beautiful... Happy birthday to the most amazing Deika under the Sun...


24.9.2022 - Duck's hunt in Celakovice with Deia :o) 28 ducks were hunted


.2022 - Duck's hunt in Celakovice with Deia :o) 92 ducks were hunted


.2022 - International dog show Bratislava (SK)
"Deia"  - Saturday - Exc 2, Res. CAC, Res. CACIB
               - Sunday - Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB


.2022 - Universal hunting test (field, water, forest work) - Sporting club of pointing dogs - Radosina and Bernolakovo (SK)
"Deia"  - I. prize, 463 points, 3rd place, title CACT



.2022 - International dog show Praha - Ing. Jiri Formanek (CZ)
"Deia"  - Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB


.2022 - Club hunting training of Slovakian pointer and setter club - Biely Kostol (SK)


17.-18.7.2022 - Birthday party of our "Litter F" Davaroni <3


.2022 - Special water test - Celakovice (CZ)
"Deia"  - I. prize, 91 points


2.7.2022 - National dog show Klatovy - Alena Bruzkova (CZ)
"Deia"  - Exc. 1, CAC, National Winner, BOB, BIG 5


.2022 - Full spring time with our girls <3


.2022 - 2x CACIB Bled (SLO)
"Deia"  - Saturday - Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, Cruft's Qualification, BOB
               - Sunday - Exc 1, CAC


.2022 - Moravia-Silesian Pointer-setter Club Show - Slavkov u Brna (CZ)
"Fleur" - Very good 3
   "Fyiorea" - Very good 1
"Deia" - Excellent 2, Res. CAC




.2022 - Spring is full of enjoyments :-)
Trainig in the field :-)


A lot of trips... <3


.2022 - Club International Field Trial SKPS - Velke Ulany (SK)
"Deia" - Exc 1, CACT, CACIT (category SOLO)


.2022 - CACIB Salzburg and CACIB - Alpensieger Salzburg (A)
"Deia"  - Saturday - Exc 1, CACA, Res. CACIB
               - Sunday - Exc 1, CACA, CACIB, Alpensieger, BOS


- "Dellior Tapio Davaroni" - 8.2.2020 - 17.3.2022 ;o(


- The last hunting day of this season in pheasantry Vyklantice... Thanks "Deia" for the best hunting helper ever <3


5.2.2022 - DUO CACIB Brno
"Fleur" - Exc 1, CAC


New healthy reason of Fevinn Ash Davaroni <3
   HD B, ED 0/0


A lot of new photos in "Photogallery Litter F"



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