Why to choose English Setter?

    The English Setter is the quietest setter. He is very good for exercise and he loves children. Because of that he is very good for families. He watches and barks but does not bite. He is very agile and full of energy, and he needs a stable hand and patience. If you want the setter to be a family dog and you do not want to hunt with it, you will need a lot of time and energy. The dog needs long walks, you can jog with him, swim or practice some new sports as canicross, bikejorging, skijorging, dogtrekking or other. You can train it at kynological areas, for example for defense or for special purposes (medical and so on).
The dog can be trained for canistherapy or as a partner for old people. The English Setter is an all-round dog, it will do everything you want it to. It hates to be bored or alone. If the setter has everything it needs, it will be grateful and faithful!

    As a hunting dog it is tireless and passionate. If it is trained well it likes to retrieve and find things or people. In hunting it cooperates with the other dogs. Nowadays the setter is used to be a universal worker. Naturally he likes to work in the special group of the English Bird Dogs - Field Trial.