Our dogs


Brita od Cihelny


brood bitch
- tricolor
- 7x excellent, Res.CAC, CAC, Club Winner,
  Winner of working class, Winner of region,
  Winner of veteran class, Best veteran
- MJP, ZV, PZ, FT, ZO, St. Hubert Cup
- HD A

Ch., JCh Camellia Brilanti Davaroni


- brood bitch
- blue belton
- 17x excellent, CAC CZ, Res. CAC SK, 4x CAC SK,  
   Res. CACIB, 2x BOB, Club Winner SKPS 2009
- MJP, Spring cup CPSK, MVV, MJL, PZ, 2x CACT
- HD A
, BAER norm., thyroid - normal

DualCh. Editions Secret For Davaroni
- brood bitch
- tricolor
- very promising, excellent, Winner of Young class,
  The second best young female of the show, 5x CAC,
  2x Res. CACIB, Winner of Special dog show, BOS
- ZV, T.A.N
., Club ZV - Winner, CACT, Memorial
  Josefa Luxe, Club IFT - Winner, CACT, CACIT
- HD A, ED A, BAER norm.

 Gera od Milavecskych mohyl
 German Spaniel
- white-brown
- excellent, Res. CAC
- Autumn exam, Forest exam, Tracking exam, Boar trail
  exam, Hounds exam, Special water exam, All-round
- HD A

 Working Ch., GCh., Ch., JCh. Editions
  Pointing Davaroni Girl
- brood bitch
- orange belton
- Exc 1, CAJC, Class Winner, CAC, CACA, BOJ, Res.
  CACIB, CACIB, The best bitch, BOS, BOB, Winner of
   Lysa, Alpesieger, BIG Junior 3, BIG 1, BIG 5, BIS 3
   Working dog, BIS 3, Crufts Nomination
- TAN, Talent Test, Club talent test, Memorial Josefa
  Luxe, Autumn test, St. Hubert competition, Club IFT -
  Winner, CACT, CACIT, IFT - CACT, Universal
  hunting test "U" - 3rd place & CACT
- HD A, ED 0/0, BAER norm., Thyroid norm.

 Latin Lover Verdict
- blue belton


 Latin Lover A Caribean Mistery
- blue belton


ICh. Largo z Brezenskych reviru 
  German Spaniel
- dog
- white-brown
- 37x excellent, 4x CACA, 3x CWC, 6x CAC SK,
  7x CAC CZ, 3x Res. CACIB, 11x CACIB, 20x BOB,
  4x qualified for Crufts and many other...
- Czech working champion and many other...


- tricolor
rescue bitch from Italy