We have returned from our long trip to Finland on Saturday. It was wonderful and interesting holiday… And of course successful :o)

   We hurried to meet Leo on time so we left on Saturday Dec.5th. It turned out to be over a week long trip throughout Europe and Finland.

   We spent Sunday in Tallinn and also managed to stop on the way at the Christmas market in downtown which was located by the sea and close to the place we stayed at.


   Tuesday was THE day to finally get to Kaisa’s place - and meet Leo - Camellia’s husband for the Litter D. They played joyfully together for awhile obviously enjoying each others company and then they locked – tied for about 10 minutes. We got invited to stay for dinner with Kaisa and her family which we were really grateful for as it turned out to be a beautiful evening full of good finish food, friendly atmosphere and long conversations about our dogs – especially English Setters.


   Next day we were invited to join a hunt with both of their male setters. It was very different than our hunt with pointing dogs… Finland has only large forests and dogs search black grouses and wood. Leo pointed twice but we haven’t had enough time to make a move. And he run to hares with barking :o) This hares don’t laying in their bearing. After the hunt we again enjoyed typical Finnish dinner – a moose meat with many side dishes and Christmas cake with tea.


   Following day we have gone to see Leo once more. Their mating went smooth all over and this time they were locked for 23 minutes.


   We took a long walk around Trail Luontopolku in Kontiolahti in the afternoon and enjoyed the amazing nature around us. Breathtaking forests by the lake Höytiäinen with few picturesque houses – typical Finnish way of life in the country…


Friday and Saturday we were stuck in the car and on a ferry and after almost 30 hours of crossing Europe we safely arrived home – sweet home :o))

Many thanks to my fiancé Jirka – he was great in multitasking and organizing everything for this trip. Also many  thanks to Kaisa and Kimmo – our guides of Finnish culture and hunting.