Breeding service

    We offer breederís service for the owners of our puppies. That means that you can contact us with every problem or question and we will be glad to give you help and advice. We will help you with problems concerning the education of your puppy, dog training, preparation for exhibitions, we will inform you about clubs, breeding, the breed, taking care of the dog, and so on. Call or write whenever you need, we are here for you!

 We stay in touch with the new owners of our puppies.

 You can pick your puppy up from its 60th day of life. You will get from us:

   - a healthy and socialized puppy, eight weeks old, used to solid food (see below), vaccinated,
      tattooed and wormed by a veterinary surgeon.
   - the puppy can also get a chip, if you want.
   - a worming tablet for further worming
   - an exact individual feeding plan
   - dog food for 2 -3 days (if you tell us before, it is also possible to buy more food  - 15 kg)
   - an individual plan of veterinary care
   - instructions for taking care of your dog, built upon our own experience
   - a certificate of pedigree
   - an international animal passport containing all necessary veterinary entries
   - a collar, if you wish we can also buy a fitting lead

If you wish we can buy further equipment for your puppy.

   If you are interested in buying a puppy, you can reserve it on our e-mail:

   You can come and have a look at your puppy after the fourth week of its life. You are also welcome to make a non-binding visit, we will be glad to talk to you and to exchange experiences, please contact us to set the date of your visit.

   In rearing our puppies, we lay emphasis on high-quality food and socialization. The puppies are born inside our house, in familiar environment. Here they learn basic hygienic habits, and then, depending on the weather (but at the earliest at the age of one month), they move to the garden, where they have a wooden pen with a thermal insulated kennel. Their mother is taking care of them all the time.  Most time they run around freely, to be able to play and explore new things and the environment, so that they wonít be afraid of anything. In this time we are with them, to make sure that they are safe. The puppies have contact to people, not only to us, but also to people visiting our ceramics manufactory and shop. In the garden the puppies also learn to come after being called, to know their name and to carry various things in their mouth, which will be useful for later training of retrieving. They take wooden sticks, toys and also pheasant feathers very willingly.

   By slow and continuous ablactation we achieve good acceptance of food. By the time the puppy is leaving us, it is used to eat cooked chicken and turkey meat and fish with pasta, rice, oatmeal, furthermore apples, carrots, bananas and other vegetables, and also curds. But the main part of the food is made up by high quality pellet food. Even the dam is fed with high quality pellets for puppies of large breeds from the beginning of the second half of her gravidity. The characteristics and composition of this food increase the quality of bone and cartilage growth and of the organismís development.